Searchable transcripts of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry hearings


The official Inquiry site can be found at

The Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry was established in 2020, led by retired high court judge Sir Wyn Williams, to investigate the “failings which occurred with the Horizon IT system at the Post Office leading to the suspension, termination of subpostmasters’ contracts, prosecution and conviction of subpostmasters”.

This site takes a copy of the official transcripts, which are available in PDF or text format, parses them into reStructuredText, and uploads them to ReadTheDocs for display and searching. It also auto-links evidence IDs to the relevant page on the official site.

I hope this may be useful to people following the Inquiry, and to anyone who wants to know more about the “worst miscarriage of justice in British legal history”. If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

— Matthew Somerville, 7th May 2023

P.S. Twenty years ago, I made a nicer version of the Hutton Inquiry website (which was using frames and required cookies and JavaScript). The official domain is sadly now a personal injury spam site (it is available from the National Archive), but mine is still running in the same place at!