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3 June 2024

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(12.00 midday)

Sir Wyn Williams: Good afternoon, everyone. Today we were due to hear evidence from Mr Ben Foat, the Group General Counsel of Post Office Limited. Unfortunately, that cannot take place because the member of the Inquiry counsel team who was due to question Mr Foat is unwell. I was informed of this earlier this morning and Mr Beer KC and I took the view that counsel was not fit to conduct a lengthy questioning session and that it was not practicable for another member of the counsel team to take over at very short notice.

Unfortunately, therefore, to repeat: today’s evidence session cannot take place. Arrangements will be made in due course for receiving Mr Foat’s evidence and all Core Participants and members of the public will be given notice of the relevant arrangements as soon as that can be done practicably.

So thank you very much, we will adjourn now and resume again at 9.45 tomorrow morning with the evidence of Mr Day.

(12.02 pm)

(The hearing adjourned until 9.45 am the following day)